July 25, 2012

this is video is pretty stinkin hot u guys


She has completely controlled and cuckolded her husband:

She has started by sucking and licking her boyfriend’s cock while her husband can only watch; but her control is so complete that because she is submissive to her boyfriend, her husband automatically takes on the role of being her boyfriend’s bitch too. Here we see that she eagerly stops sucking her boyfriend’s erection as he orders her to bend over and expose her ass. As he smacks her ass, her husband bends over to help expose her ass….and then he’s forced to suck her boyfriend’s erect cock. I love the groaning and whimpering in pleasure from the wife as she’s told to watch her husband sucking and deep-throating her boyfriend’s big, hard cock. When he’s had enough of the bitch husband, he’s ordered over to his wife’s pussy to get her wet for a bit before he’s slapped away by the boyfriend who walks in with his big erection to fuck his woman.

This is a woman who has the “best of both worlds”: a loving relationship with a submissive husband who does everything she wants; and a rough, wild, kinky, sexual relationship with a strong, dominant lover. These days, women can get anything they want……The future is female.

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    Preparame a la puta de tu mujer y chupame la polla que le voy a meter hasta los huevos a tu esposa. Y luego por el culo.
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    My recent session helping my wife get a BBC.
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